Fiberglass yarn        
Style SF6110---Roving
Fiberglass rovings are the basic material to manufacture texturized yarns and range from 68 tex to 5000 tex, filament size from 6, 9, 11 to 13 μm is available.


Style SF6210---Texturized yarn
  Single yarns are produced in an air injection process. Texturized inflated yarns can store larger quantities of air due to their fullness and therefore provide better insulation than untreated yarns. Texturized yarn from 68 tex to 5000 tex, filament size from 6, 9, 11 to 13μm is available.
  Style SF6310---Twisted yarn
More than 2 ply standard yarns are plied together. Other material can be twisted together such as copper wire, steel wire according to customer's applications. Twisted yarn from 480 tex to 5000 tex is available. Twisted yarns are used for production of friction material or reinforced fiberglass fabric or tapes.

Style SF6410---Fiberglass sewing thread
Fiberglass sewing thread is composed of 3 ply fiberglass yarn treated with PTFE. It features high tensile strength, good sewing property and and high temperature resistance. It  is widely used in sewing high temperature textiles.